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About Me

Ni Hao 你好!


I'm Ivy Diao, a NAATI certified English and Chinese translator and interpreter with over 12 years of professional translation and interpreting experience.


With a passion for cross-cultural communications, I started Lime Translations in 2015, a boutique English and Chinese translation and interpreting service agency in Auckland, New Zealand.


Here, my mission is clear: empower clients to reach and engage Chinese customers seamlessly. Whether it's an informative brochure, a compelling marketing flyer, or a captivating website, I'm dedicated to helping you communicate effectively and achieving your business goals in the Chinese market. 

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Beyond conventional translation and interpreting services, I also provide transcreation service, particularly for advertising and marketing content. Transcreation preserves the emotional and creative intent of your material, resonating deeply with your audience.

My Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Post-graduate Diploma in Translation Studies, The University of Auckland

  • B.A. in Advanced Translating and Interpreting, Dalian University of Foreign Languages

  • NAATI Certified Translator - Chinese to English & English to Chinese

  • NAATI Certified Interpreter - Mandarin and English
    *NAATI stands for Australia’s National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters

  • Full member of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters 

  • CATTI Translator Level 2 - China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters

What makes Lime Translations different from conventional translation agencies? 


Precision and Expertise

As a NAATI certified translator and interpreter, I bring 12 years of expertise to every project. Specilising in business, marketing, and tourism, I am dedicated to facilitating seamless communication and fostering global connections in these dynamic and ever-evolving industries. Whether it's translating corporate documents, crafting compelling marketing content, or localising tourism materials, I pride myself on delivering precise and culturally relevant translations that help businesses thrive and destinations shine.


Tailored Cultural Understanding

Beyond words, I grasp the nuances of cultural contexts. This means your content isn't just translated; it's adapted to ensure cultural resonance, making your message impactful across borders.


Personalized Attention

I provide personalised attention to each client. Instead of talking to Project Managers, you get direct communication with the translator (ME!) who will be handling your project, ensuring a deeper understanding of your specific needs and preferences. This leads to efficient communication and consistently high-quality translation and interpreting service.


Versatility in Services

Whether you need certified document translation, real-time interpreting, or cultural adaptation, I've got you covered. From business meetings to creative content, your communication needs are my priority. By using CAT tools, I am able to generate a final translated document that automatically mirrors the original document’s format​, saving you the time for in-house or third-party typesetting.


Leveraging Translation Technology

Utilising CAT (Computer-assisted translation) tools, I ensure efficiency without compromising quality. This includes using Phrase (Previously known as Memsource), a powerful Localisation & Translation Software, allowing for consistent terminology (by using Term Bases), a cost-effective translation process (through utilising Translation Memories) and quality assurance (with the help of QA tools).

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