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Certified Translation

As a NAATI certified translator and NZTA registered translator, I provide a broad range of certified document translations that are accepted by NZTA, Immigration New Zealand, IRD and other government authorisations. Most translations can be done within 1 business day. Same day urgent translation available upon request. A translator's affirmation can be provided for legal documents at extra costs.

  • Driver licence  驾照翻译

  • Birth certificate 出生证明

  • Marriage certificate 结婚证

  • Divorce certificate 离婚证

  • Household registration book 户口本

  • Bank statements 银行账单

  • And more 其他

General Translation

With a strong background in business, marketing and tourism, I have had the privilege to work with some of the New Zealand tourism industry’s top clients, including Tourism New Zealand, Tourism Auckland, SKYCITY, and Auckland Airport. I have also been a freelance translator for the world-leader in online accommodation,, and e-commerce giant,  Amazon.


Whether you're launching a marketing campaign, expanding your business globally, or promoting tourism destinations, I ensure that your message maintains its effectiveness and impact across languages.

Proofreading & Editing

If you have existing translated content but are not 100% sure, or need to get it updated, I can help with proofreading and editing, by identifying and correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling to ensure flawless text.


I will also do a cultural adaptation to ensure that your translations resonate with your target audience by carefully considering cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions, preserving the intended message's authenticity.


Transcreation has been increasingly used in marketing, advertising, branding, and creative industries where capturing the essence and impact of the message is crucial for engaging the audience effectively. 


As an experienced language professional, I am dedicated to crafting content that resonates with your target audience, maintaining cultural relevance and authenticity while ensuring your brand's voice remains intact. 


By leveraging the latest translation technology, I am able to generate a final translated document that automatically mirrors the original document’s format, so you don't need to have your in-house or third-party designer to do the typesetting work. 


Whether you're publishing books, brochures, or websites, I will ensure precise typography, spacing, and alignment, enhancing the overall aesthetic and readability of your documents.

Interpreting Service

As a NAATI certified interpreter, I specialise in providing seamless telephone and in-person interpreting solutions for effective cross-lingual communication. My telephone interpreting service ensures instant access to professional language assistance, while in-person interpretation brings clarity to meetings, medical appointment, and more.
With cultural sensitivity and expertise, I facilitate clear communication in diverse settings.

If you have a translation project you need help with, let's talk today!

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